Hampton Bodywerks Massage Spa Establishment License #: ME2666. Expires on 7/15/15.


2014 Closure Dates: Every Sunday; 10/31/14 for Halloween; 11/26/14 thru 11/29/14 for the Thanksgiving holiday; 12/23/14 thru 12/27/14 for the Christmas holiday; 12/31/14 for New Year's Eve; 1/1/15 for New Year's Day.

If you’re looking for a staff of committed professional massage therapists (Don, Shane, Denise, Elizabeth, Julio, Judith, Claudia, Teressa, Sherrie, Karen, & Carlos) with excellent skills, you’ve come to the right place.

My name is Don A. Hampton. I am the owner and one of the many talented Licensed Massage Therapists at Hampton Bodywerks.

We are trained in a variety of modalities, and just click on our "Our Services" page to learn more about the various techniques we use in our spa.

Everyone is welcome no matter what your ethnicity/race, your socio-economic status or if you belong to the in-crowd or the out-crowd, Everyone is welcome to receive and enjoy a therapeutic massage at Hampton Bodywerks Massage Spa.

Hampton Bodywerks Massage Spa has a staff of 13 Licensed Massage Therapists and a customer service staff in our 1100 square foot office space.


If you have any major health issues (i.e. current spinal injuries, going through chemotherapy or recent heart surgery), Hampton Bodywerks Massage Spa will need a waiver and a massage treatment plan from your doctor. Without this, Hampton Bodywerks Massage Spa has the right to refuse service to anyone.


In your e-mail: If you need to cancel your massage appointment(s), please manage your appointment online by just clicking on the blue link titled: "manage your appointment." You'll get each cancellation(s) in your e-mail. You'll then have the option to book again.


ADDRESS: (corner of Nacogdoches & MacArthur View)

3030 Nacogdoches Rd. (off of 410 East, Exit 23, turn left, 4th stop light down, turn right)

Suite # 205 (in a 2 story brown brick building right across the street from CVS)

San Antonio, TX 78217



How do I find your new location?

 1) GPS (if applicable) (corner of Nacogdoches & MacArthur View)

 2) Yahoo (driving directions) or Mapquest (driving directions) from your home or work.


REQUIRED: Please arrive 10-15 minutes prior to your massage appointment time to allow time to fill out our 2 simple intake forms & to possibly use the restroom 1st.


OUR 15-MINUTE RULE: Keep in mind, if you arrive within 15-minutes of your massage appointment time, you'll receive your full 60-minute massage or your full 90-minute massage. But if you arrive after our 15-minute rule, then your 60-minute massage or 90-minute massage will have to be cut shorter to allow time for the massage therapist(s) to prepare for their other scheduled massage appointments for the day.



TO BOOK YOUR OWN MASSAGE APPT ONLINE: Just click on the "book now" button at the bottom of the home page (shown below). You will receive an e-mail confirmation of your scheduled massage appointment(s) & a e-mail reminder notice the day prior.


TO CANCEL YOUR MASSAGE APPT ONLINE in your e-mail: Just click on the blue link: "MANAGE YOUR APPOINTMENT" & then click on "CANCEL."


WHEN BOOKING A (60-min or 90-min couple massage) ONLINE: You must book 2 slots, not just 1 slot because two massage therapists' must be available to do a couple massage in the same room.


On Sunday's, Hampton Bodywerks is CLOSEDIf you call us & we are not available, please leave a voicemail. If you don't leave a voicemail on our answering machine, we don't know that you even called us because missed calls are not returned.


To schedule your own massage appointment online, just click on the "book now" button at the bottom of this page.